January 20, 2021

resmed cleaning and disinfection guide

ResMed Cleaning and Disinfection Guide

ResMed, the San Diego-based leader in sleep technology, has left a visible footprint in the medical industry. They develop highly responsive cloud-connectable medical equipment coupled with an ingenious awareness of sleep disorders. Listed among the world’s biggest manufacturers of sleep apnea equipment, ResMed promotes quality life and good sleep by developing equipment in three categories; …

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what does the soclean filter do

What Does The SoClean Filter Do?

What does the SoClean filter do? SoClean is every CPAP machine owner’s perfect companion. As powerful sanitizers, SoClean machines add to the fanciness and relaxation of the CPAP therapy by supporting hygiene and intensifying the machine’s performance. The device eliminates the stress of dissembling the CPAP machine every cleaning session. The SoClean machine comes fully …

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how to dry cpap hose fast

How to Dry CPAP Hose Fast

Moisture inside the CPAP hose doesn’t just sound interesting. We well know the health effects of using a machine with a moisture hose. We understand the detrimental effects of letting moisture sit in the hose for long. CPAP hoses trigger an invasive effect known as rainout, which involves water getting into and around the tube …

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