How Long Does a SoClean Filter Last?

how long does a soclean filter last

Managing sleep apnea is tricky, but only if you haven’t heard of powerful solutions like CPAP therapy. This holistic and relaxing therapy, provided by CPAP machines, get you enjoying your nights and waking up energized. It’s a great machine to have at home to boost your active lifestyle and keep your health and wellness at the peak. Ever asked, “how long does a SoClean filter last?” Let’s find out.

Unfortunately, the machine is feature-wise bountiful, as it features masks, tubing, cushions, and headgear, which need thoughtful care and inclusive cleaning to stand daily use. Manual cleaning is a big no, as it’s time-consuming and hectic. That’s why many CPAP machine owners are opting for SoClean machines.

How Long Does a SoClean Filter Last? – What Is a SoClean Machine?

SoClean machines are user-friendly and powerful sanitizing and cleaning machines that use activated oxygen to clean sleep apnea CPAP machines. They’re loved worldwide because they deliver a clean job in minutes, optimizing your CPAP machine’s cleanliness, performance, and service life. 

SoClean packs multiple features and components, with the filters being the most noticeable features. Considering the usefulness of SoClean components, it’s normal to wonder how long does a SoClean filter last? Learn more about the life cycle of SoClean’s filters in this post.

What Is the SoClean Filter, and How Often Should It Be Changed?

The SoClean filter is the machine’s key component responsible for converting activated oxygen to normal air during the cleaning and sanitizing process. Activated oxygen is an artificially formulated oxygen type that oxidizes to kill organisms, including viruses and bacteria. As the filters perform their everyday role of converting oxygen into ozone and back, they will wear out, affecting the overall machine’s performance.

Even with quality care and maintenance, SoClean filters can’t go past the six months mark. Their life ends at six months, so be watchful not to stress them further, exposing the machine to avoidable wear.

Why Must You Change the Filters Every Six Months?

Everything has an expiry date, humans and animals included. Stressing a machine component that has already completed its life cycle is an enormous threat to its efficiency and performance. Some SoClean filters can go beyond the six-month lifespan, but you don’t want to strain the machine and other components. 

There are dozens of valid reasons for you to change your machine immediately after the six-month life-cycle is over.

  • Minimize stress on other components: If you’ve read the SoClean machine’s user manual, you understand what it means to stress the machine’s components beyond the limit. Since the machine is a series of connected components working simultaneously, if one of them gets damaged and not replaced on time, the strain will be transferred to the next component, and the chain continues. That would produce a poorly performing machine with dozens of damaged components or a completely nonfunctional machine.
  • Extend the machine’s useful life: damage to any of the components in a machine spells doom to other components. When the SoClean machine sends a filter replacement-due notification message, replaced it immediately. Otherwise,  it will take only a few days before you detect weird noises and failure issues. The noises will be a signal of more failed components, which, if not replaced, will cut short the machine’s life.
  • Minimizes costs: while replacing the SoClean filters won’t exceed $50, if you don’t do it, you may end up parting ways with over $300. That would happen, especially if it affects other machine components. Don’t forget the more components needing replacement and the more complicated the mechanical issue, the higher the amount a specialist would demand to get things in order once again.

How and Where to Buy SoClean Filters

SoClean is an exclusive brand with a large client base and a solid reputation. They always create technologically rich machines and spare parts with performance and reliability certifications. Sadly, some dubious con artists are now producing substandard products and offering them at lower prices. While it may be hard to tell a counterfeit from the real deal, if you’re careful enough, you can easily do so.

Mostly, the counterfeited products are offered at slightly lower prices. These products lack the brand’s badge. While Amazon, eBay, and other internet-based marketplaces have strict regulations on who and what can be sold online, they can’t seal all loopholes, and that’s exactly why you will find some fake SoClean spare parts on these sites.

Don’t fall for fake products. Rather, invest enough time to study the products and, if possible, consult with the manufacturer’s customer care team to get a hint of what you should look for.

Install It Myself or Hire A Professional?

The basic idea here is to keep costs negligible when changing your SoClean filters. Once you have the filters delivered to your home, it’s now time to decide whether to do it yourself or secure the services of a professional. 

We aren’t championing the idea of hiring professionals whenever your machine has a slight issue, but don’t overlook the technicality and complication involved. Unless you’ve skills in dissembling and assembling machines such as SoClean, DIYer filter replacement will cause more problems and even double the costs.

The small fee a professional would ask shouldn’t be the reason for you to do a thing you know fully well risks the health of the machine and can damage it completely. Look around and you will discover some reliable and experienced repairmen who won’t overcharge you for the service. Don’t make it a trend of hiring pros, though. You can always learn the basics of replacing filters online or from the specialist you hire.

How Long Does a SoClean Filter Last? – Conclusion

Understanding the life cycle of any component in the SoClean machine is as that’s the only way you will get to know how often you should budget for the repair and replacement costs. In this post, we have discussed SoClean filters’ life and the reasons they should be replaced after every six months. 

Even if you are too busy to replace the filters yourself, you can always hire a professional to maintain consistent and programmed replacement schedules to save costs and extend the machine’s life.