How to Clean ResMed CPAP Machine

How to Clean ResMed CPAP Machine

Resmed as all of you know is among the respected titles in the machine CPAP industry. The CPAP company has been manufacturing excellent machines which offer advanced and reliable technologies and exceptional comfort from the year 1989. Many of us wonder how to clean ResMed CPAP machines. 

Don’t go anywhere as we are here to help you maintain your CPAP equipment as clean as possible. Cpap helps certain patients to get enough quality sleep that they deserve and also it is known for its superb support for its customers worldwide. 

In case you visit the ResMed CPAP website, you will note that the ResMed company has provided the users with detailed instructions on how you can clean your ResMed CPAP machine and maintain it as clean as possible. 

This benefits the patients that undergo sleep therapy in hospitals through the CPAP machines. Cleaning your CPAP machines ensures the machine performs at an optimum level and also extends its lifespan and can last for longer periods without spoiling. Let’s see how to clean ResMed CPAP machine.

Daily Maintenance 

In case you want to keep your CPAP machine as clean as possible, you can reside to wash it daily. First of all, you have to disconnect the machine and remove the tubing and always hang it to dry in a clean surrounding. 

Using clean and warm water together with mild detergent, you can wash your CPAP equipment with ease. The materials mentioned above that are used for cleaning purposes are used because they don’t damage the CPAP machine while washing. 

In case you don’t want to wash the CPAP machine yourself, you can also find CPAP cleaners out there in the market that are well experienced and know how to clean ResMed CPAP machines. 

Before you call the cleaners, you have to be sure that the CPAP machine is effective, safe, and still usable. After cleaning the CPAP equipment you are supposed to use clean and warm water to rinse the lid and after that let it dry. 

You should always be aware that exposing the machine to sunlight is highly discouraged. If you follow the instructions provided on how to clean a ResMed CPAP machine, you will get effective and safe results. 

Weekly Maintenance 

In case you want to keep your CPAP machine as clean as possible, you can reside to washing it once every week. First, you have to plug out the machine connection from the power supply. Then you should wipe the machine with a clean towel or by using a damp cloth at least once every week. 

You are supposed to be super careful when cleaning the CPAP machine while avoiding wetting the power source. Wiping down the outside part of the CPAP machine and the humidifier present with a clean towel or a damp cloth is most definitely good and suited practice for you. 

You should be always aware when peeling along the lid. You should always remember to wash with warm and clean water together with mild detergent. After cleaning the CPAP items, you will then ensure that there are no blockages of dirt or dust inside the air passage filter. 

For assurance that your CPAP machine is working at it’s best, you will have to look for the air passage filter holes. In case you think that there can be a blockage or there are holes present then it is highly advisable that you replace the air filter in the CPAP machine. 

It is highly recommended that you replace the tubing after every five months or just regularly. A blockage or hole present in the air filter affects the overall pressure delivered to the CPAP mask whenever the patient is sleeping.

Disinfecting the CPAP Machine 

You are supposed to be aware that disinfecting the CPAP machine varies and is different from one place to another. It is highly advisable that you talk to a healthcare facility or professional before you start cleaning and disinfecting your CPAP equipment. 

Some of the CPAP users often use little vinegar together with water as they form a mixture that is mixed in the ratio 1:1 she cleans and disinfects the CPAP machine. After applying cleaning solutions or rather disinfectants, you are supposed to wash it and rinse it with warm and clean water. You can then let the CPAP items dry in the air. 

Is It Important That I Use an Efficient CPAP Cleaner? 

It is not that important that you use an efficient CPAP cleaner or a soclean sanitizer to keep your machine and the CPAP equipment as clean as possible. As long as you know how to clean a ResMed CPAP machine, you are good to go. 

The sanitizing materials that are used the cleaning purposes use ozone, or in Lumin, ultraviolet rays are used to clean the CPAP machine. CPAP machines are sold for more than a hundred dollars and little more cleanliness and safety that outmatch the instructions that are provided there. 

There is no risk of getting infections from using a clean CPAP machine and equipment. The CPAP sanitizers and their cleaners are not that well protected by the law and are definitely not covered or protected by any insurance. 

After thirty years and more that people have used the CPAP equipment, it is very odd that at this moment is when the medical experts are claiming the need for an expensive cleaning machine or device. 

Good Use of a Clean CPAP Machine 

Minimal risks are associated with CPAP therapy. Keeping your CPAP machine and equipment clean at all times and following the instructions that are provided to you on how to clean ResMed CPAP machine will help you benefit a lot from the CPAP therapy and will also ensure that your health is recovered and is back to normal in no time. 

It is highly advised that you don’t spend your cash on a sanitizer or cleaner that is expensive and is highly advertised and doesn’t offer the safety you need or the cleanliness of the CPAP machine.