How to Use Soclean With ResMed Air Sense 10

How to Use Soclean With ResMed Air Sense 10

The soclean makes it easier for the CPAP user to clean his CPAP equipment. It is very simple how to use soclean with ResMed air sense 10 to ensure that your CPAP equipment is clean as possible at all times. 

An automated and efficient CPAP cleaner can use soclean channels of which activates oxygen for sanitization and cleaning purposes. You can use the soclean for your cleaning purposes provided that there is zero disassembly and no chemicals or water is used in the process. 

The soclean with ResMed air sense 10 saves on time and ensures your CPAP items are as clean as possible, hence it is a very important feature. 

Using the CPAP machine and cleaning it is supposed to be straightforward and simple. The SOclean doesn’t require chemicals or water hence saves on a lot and the patients are not even required to put aside the CPAP items and disassemble them. 

The interior space can accommodate a lot of masks of all types and also connects to most of the brands of the CPAP machine. You may require an adapter for certain types of models. With most of the various sleep therapies, the Soclean is highly compatible with them which includes the autopap, BiPAP, and CPAP machines. 

Soclean Brand Description 

The soclean is a well automated and efficient CPAP equipment sanitizer and cleaner. With the use of soclean with ResMed air sense 10 adaptor, there is absolutely nothing that you can’t do concerning the cleaning of your CPAP equipment. 

With soclean you are able to disinfect and sanitize your water chamber, hose, or the cpap mask without the need to disassemble the cpap items first before cleaning. Soclean works well with almost all of the CPAP equipment. There are certain models or brands that will for you to purchase an adapter for the soclean to do its job. 

The adapter is very important as it helps the user to successfully install and setup soclean with ease and allows most of the CPAP machine and equipment to maintain the functionality of the heated hose. 

How Does Soclean With Resmed Air Sense 10 Work? 

The soclean uses the same advanced technology that is used in certain hospitals to do away with pathogens, bacteria, and germs. Because of soclean, patients can sleep at night well knowing that the CPAP therapy is keeping the air fresh and clean for breathing purposes. Soclean is efficient as they provide its customers with a warranty for two years. 

How to use Soclean with ResMed air sense 10 is very simple and is not at all complicated. After seeing up your CPAP equipment in the right manner, place the CPAP mask inside of the chamber and close the cover. 

Soclean washes the CPAP machine and finishes the task. This is the first automated cleaner for your CPAP machine that you don’t require any chemicals or water. You even don’t have to put the CPAP items aside or disassemble the machine. Soclean does all of this for you. 

The sanitizing capability entirely depends on the controlled conditions of which may cause a variance in the actual results. The soclean instructions require that a patient washes the CPAP mask before and replaces the CPAP filters and checks and replaces the CPAP valve after every five months or so. 

Features of Soclean 

It has an informative display at the front. 

It has a smaller footprint with a design that is sleek updated 

Throughout the process of cleaning the CPAP equipment, indicator lights are supposed to be present. 

There is also the option of the hose insertion of which can be either to the right or to the left. 

It also possesses a convenient cartridge for the CPAP filter system.

Benefits of Using Soclean to Clean Your CPAP Equipment 

It ensures that the CPAP user has a convenient and efficient automated system that benefits his health in so many ways. 

It also ensures that the CPAP user is relaxed and is not worried about infections as the equipment is well sanitized. 

Another benefit that soclean brings to the customer is that there is absolutely no need or the customer is not required to disassemble the CPAP parts before cleaning. 

As most of you know how to use soclean with ResMed air sense 10, you will find out that cleaning doesn’t require any chemicals or water for a system with zero mess. 

It also utilizes a similar process of sanitizing that is used in hospitals, to produce handling, and to purify the water. 

What Is Found In Your Starter Pack?  

Soclean CPAP equipment sanitizer is found inside the starter box 

A power adapter is also mandatory. 

Airsense 10 gadget or adapter is also mandatory for the cleaning process and is found inside the starter box. 

The check valve is also found there. As a good preventive measure, it is highly advisable that you replace the valve at least once every five months or so. 

An injection hose plus the firing is also found inside the starter box.  

Finally, a neutralizing and efficient prewash can also be found in the starter box and it is mandatory to prewash the CPAP mask before you commence the cleaning process. 

Risks of Soclean 

The smell of the ozone is very risky and unpleasant. Ozone exposure to patients suffering from conditions is very dangerous. The federal law says that the ozone is a toxic gas of which has no medical benefits to the people. 

The agency that protects the environment in the world, suggests that little amounts of the ozone can worsen your chronic respiratory illness and can even cause shortness of breath causing breathing difficulties. 

It is also known that exposure to the ozone can compromise how the body in general works and the body also doesn’t possess the ability to do away with respiratory infections.  

Soclean – a True CPAP Cleaner 

As of now you already know how to use Soclean with ResMed air sense 10 adapter of which is very efficient. You can decide to invest in Soclean and stop taking a lot of time worrying about how to keep your humidifier, hose, and CPAP masks clean. This also saves time hence purchasing the Soclean for your CPAP equipment is the best move right now.