What Does The SoClean Filter Do?

what does the soclean filter do

What does the SoClean filter do? SoClean is every CPAP machine owner’s perfect companion. As powerful sanitizers, SoClean machines add to the fanciness and relaxation of the CPAP therapy by supporting hygiene and intensifying the machine’s performance. The device eliminates the stress of dissembling the CPAP machine every cleaning session.

The SoClean machine comes fully packaged for use, but includes a sole cartridge filter that needs regular care and periodic replacement. SoClean filters should be thoroughly cleaned at least thrice a week and replaced at least twice a year. Wondering what does the SoClean filter do to deserve such attention? Stay tuned for more profound details.

What Does the SoClean Filter Do?

The cartridge filter kit contains O-Ring, check valve, and replacement filter. SoClean filter is a powerful and reliable system that runs efficiently and quietly to transform activated oxygen into normal oxygen once it leaves the chamber. That leaves the chamber sanitized, ensuring the supplies and machine are exclusively disinfected.

What’s the Use of SoClean Filters?

The activated oxygen is passed through the CPAP machine’s adapter, tubing, and reservoir before it is returned to the SoClean machine. The purpose of the SoClean machine filter is to change the activated oxygen to normal oxygen after it has accomplished its job of cleaning and sanitizing the reservoir, mask, and tubing.

Activated oxygen, which includes a third oxygen atom, creates O3 popularly known as activated oxygen that oxidizes to kill viruses and bacteria.

How To Buy The Best SoClean Filters

They serve an indisputable role, and their usefulness is unmatched. If they’re not given the attention they deserve, they will give up prematurely, rendering the SoClean machine useless. Getting the filters replaced after six months or fewer would get the machine working optimally. Follow this guide when buying SoClean replacement filters:

  • Buy from SoClean approved seller: Avoid the knock-off models from unreliable sellers. They are cheap but won’t fit well, meaning they won’t serve the intended purpose. Work with trusted sellers who boast years of operation and solid client testimonials.
  • Know which model to buy: SoClean has introduced dozens of high-power and reliable models. None of these models is the same, and the filters they work with vary. Research your SoClean model and look for filters recommended especially for such machines.
  • The efficiency and reliability: If it’s SoClean, it must be reliable and durable. Sadly, some fake models from counterfeiters are readily available at price tags friendly to the pockets. Though cheap, such products will fail terribly in reliability and efficiency. Check filters reviews and ratings to know it’s a worthy investment.
  • Research the service life: All SoClean filters will last for about six months with quality care. However, low-quality options won’t give such a long life. They will fail and even cause failure to your machine, even when given the finest care and attention.

Tips to Optimize the Usefulness SoClean Filters

SoClean filters aren’t cheap. Replacing them every six months is a burden itself, not to talk about replacing them after some weeks. The life and efficiency of these filters solely depend on the care and attention they receive. If not handled with care, they will succumb to the harsh treatments they are exposed to every day. Give your SoClean filters more life, enhancing their practicality with these easy tips:

  • Replace the filters once every 180 days. It can be fewer days but don’t make it longer if the sanitizing device has to stay running efficiently.
  • Don’t add essential oils to PAP water reservoirs. SoClean doesn’t recommend the use of the SoClean machine if you use smelly, fragrant detergents. That could harm the filters and affect their performance and longevity.
  • People suffering from lung health conditions such as emphysema and asthma shouldn’t use this machine. You can consult with your doctor to know if you’re fit to use the machine, though.
  • In case the SoClean filter replacement cost isn’t covered by your insurance company, consider using HAS or FSA accounts to get reimbursements for the purchases.
  • Use the right filter replacement kit for the SoClean machine you’re using. You wouldn’t want a situation where your machine won’t work after replacing the filters, so get the best filters for your SoClean model.

Why Should You Replace the Filters?

Replacing filters every six months isn’t a debatable topic. You must replace the filters, and under no condition should you do otherwise.

Not replacing the filters as recommended would likely leave you with a faulty machine. The accumulated dirt and grimes won’t just hurt the machine’s performance but also affect your health. Breathing in such particles could leave you sick, affecting your daily performance and activeness.

Where to Buy Genuine SoClean Filters

Counterfeiting in the modern-day era has become a common threat to buyers. The challenge in finding the finest SoClean filters in determining the authenticity of what you’re buying. The internet marketplaces are filled with many filter kits, some of which are pure counterfeits. 

You can save yourself the hassle of buying counterfeit products by shopping from the manufacturer’s official website or SoClean-endorsed marketplaces such as Amazon.

In buying the cartridge filter kit for your SoClean machine, get a high-quality piece with the same specs and configuration as your machine. Check the model number to know if the cartridge filter kit is compatible with the machine you’ve.

What Does The SoClean Filter Do? – Conclusion

SoClean filters do a great job in optimizing the cleanliness of every CPAP machine they are used to sanitize. As essential components of these machines, they perform an essential role in converting activated oxygen into normal oxygen. When they are faulty, the machine will have performance issues and the quality of the therapy would downgrade immensely. 

SoClean offers filters in different models depending on the model of the SoClean machine they will be used in. You’ve to decide between different SoClean filter options to pick one with the right features and configurations.

The filters ought to be replaced after every 180 days of use for them to perform optimally under varied conditions. You can do the replacement yourself following the user manual as the filters are super easy to assemble and dissemble.