ResMed Cleaning and Disinfection Guide

resmed cleaning and disinfection guide

ResMed, the San Diego-based leader in sleep technology, has left a visible footprint in the medical industry. They develop highly responsive cloud-connectable medical equipment coupled with an ingenious awareness of sleep disorders. Listed among the world’s biggest manufacturers of sleep apnea equipment, ResMed promotes quality life and good sleep by developing equipment in three categories; Bi-level therapy, CPAP, and APAP. Get your machine working optimally and enjoy every bit of the treatment experience with our ResMed cleaning and disinfection guide.

ResMed machine owners must understand the cleaning requisites to keep their machines working efficiently and extend the service life.

ResMed Cleaning and Disinfection Guide: The Components

ResMed machines have multiple components synchronized together to deliver optimal healing power. These components must be fitted correctly, cleaned regularly, and replaced occasionally to deliver aseptic sleep apnea therapy. The different machines include components with unique cleaning, fitting, assembling, and reassembling instructions. 

ResMed users must know how to assemble and reassemble the elbow, headgear, frame, and pillows for easy cleaning. The cushions and pillows must be disassembled regularly and cleaned efficiently. As for the headgear, you don’t need to disassemble it for cleaning.

  • Disconnect the machine from the power socket.
  • Detach the air tubing and mask.
  • Disassemble the machine into three key parts, including the frame, headgear, and cushion.
  • Clean the headgear and cushion in a tub or sink to cleanse any build-up of the oil. Oil can be tricky to clean. Rub the mash headgear and cushion gently in soapy, warm water. When doing the cleaning, don’t use extra-strong cleaning products as they could leave hurtful residues or even damage the mask.
  • Rinse each of these components thoroughly using warm water.
  • Allow the frame and cushion to dry by placing them on a towel top on a flat surface. Extreme sunlight can damage the mask, so don’t place it directly into sunlight.

How to Sterilize and Disinfect the Mask

ResMed recommends safe and effective sterilization and disinfection procedures, which comply with ISO17664 for cleaning. Here listed are some disinfection tips that must be followed while cleaning the masks.

  • Masks shouldn’t be used by two people. If you run a clinic or sleep lab, always change the masks between patients.
  • Get the machines sterilized and disinfected with high-quality disinfectants. Ensure they are safe and approved for use on such machines.
  • Use high-quality sterilization and cleaning devices. There are FDA-approved sanitizers for cleaning sleep apnea machines, so choose the best.

Cleaning the Air Tubing

The air tubing should be kept clean and sterilized. Systematic, regular cleaning is essential. It cleanses the air tubes of any oil or accumulated dirt. Use a mild soapy warm water solution of vinegar and water solution to do the cleaning.

  • Pass the preferred solution via the hose length, ensuring the water rinses every part of the air tubing interior. Hold the air tubing so that the two ends point straight up, while gently swishing the hose hither and thither.
  • Discard the solution. You can use a tube brush to thoroughly clean every part of the hose interior, removing any deposits or dirt accumulated in the hose. Do thorough tube brushing, ensuring the sidewalls and every other part is comprehensively cleaned.
  • Once you’re done cleaning, hang the air tubing on a towel rack for it to dry.

Clean the Humidifier Water Chamber

The next step is to clean and sanitize your machine’s humidifier water chamber. Do that regularly and thoroughly as not doing so allows the accumulated water residues to develop into mineral deposits or mold.

  • Disconnect the humidifier chamber from the machine’s humidifier.
  • Discard any water inside the tubing.
  • Using soapy water solution or vinegar and water mixture, clean the interior of the humidifier chamber, ensuring any film buildup is thoroughly cleaned.
  • Keep on scrubbing the humidifier until any dirt remnants are fully cleaned.
  • Add more distilled water to the humidifier chamber to avert the buildup of mineral deposits on the humidifier chamber’s bottom. Discard the water and dry the chamber every day, ensuring you refill it with fresh water.
  • Assemble back the water chamber and enjoy a hygienic therapy.

Clean and Change the Reusable Filters

If your machine runs on reusable filters, you would need to clean and disinfect them regularly. Filters serve a superb job of removing dirt, dust, and pollen to deliver clean air to the lungs.

  • Disconnect and inspect your reusable filters to ensure they have collected no dirt or debris. Reusable filters have a service life of up to six months, but they can only live to optimal if given quality and regular care. You’ve to be cleaning them regularly with warm mildly soapy water to boost their performance and extend their life.
  • Don’t just clean the filters but also ensure you change them regularly according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

How to Disinfect Resmed Sleep Apnea Therapy Machine

In case you feel that cleaning the sleep apnea therapy machine with warm soapy water or vinegar solution isn’t enough, consider more superior alternatives, that’s what this Resmed cleaning and disinfection guide is all about. ResMed recommends the use of powerful cleaning and disinfection solutions for its machines.

  • Disinfect any viral or bacterial infections using specialized cleaning solutions, especially the ones containing germicide. Avoid any solutions containing household chemical cleaners or bleaching contents as they would likely leave harmful residues capable of creating toxic fumes or irritating the skin.
  • Use specialized sleep apnea therapy machine sanitizers. Look for FDA-approved sanitizers as they are safer, more effective, and reliable. The machines use UV light or ozone to kill fungus, bacteria, and viruses. The sanitizer won’t work on its own. They can’t entirely remove mineral deposits, oil buildups, and skin cells, so couple the sanitizing with routine washing for a more efficient outcome.

Resmed Cleaning and Disinfection Guide: Conclusion

You want your sleep apnea machine to operate optimally and give the most relaxing and safe therapy every time, all the time. However, you can’t truly achieve those awesome results if you don’t clean and disinfect the machine regularly. The cleaning and disinfection guide above will get to understand every single requisite in cleaning and keeping the Resmed sleep apnea machines clean and hygienic.