How to Clean Heated CPAP Hose

How to Clean Heated CPAP Hose

A shower might be a convincing way to begin a new day. But a good refreshing routine is very important for your own  CPAP, same as for you. Proper keeping of the CPAP machine is a huge factor in ensuring that your device is working properly. Here we will show you how to clean heated CPAP hose together with the other CPAP equipment. 

It is very important that you maintain and ensure that everything is clean at all times. This is because certain items for example the masks and the hoses can convert into s breeding place for molds and bacteria. You can divide how you clean your CPAP machine into weekly or daily cleaning. 

Why Cleaning Your CPAP Item Is Important 

If you leave your CPAP equipment to be dusty without cleaning it, then mold bacteria and germs are presently making you sick. The mold and bacteria can also cause certain infections like pneumonia or sinus infections.

Keeping your CPAP items clean at all times helps you to avoid sickness as much as possible and also allows you to properly recover and benefit from the treatment. 

Simply because it has the ability to last for longer periods, we can say that it helps in saving your money, as keeping your CPAP items clean ensures that they last longer hence you don’t need to replace any part of the CPAP hose. 

CPAP Cleaning Items That You Need 

Everything that you require to maintain your CPAP items as clean as possible is everywhere around you. The items that you need for the cleaning purposes include: 

Clean and dry towels or pieces of cloth. 


A dish detergent or rather mild soap. 

Clean and warm water 

Drying space for your clean CPAP items. 

Daily Cleaning 

Always ensure that you wipe down the mask which comprises the parts that touched your skin by use of warm water, detergent, or a damp cloth or towel. 

This ensures that the seal quality is not compromised as it will remove any sweat present on the surface of the mask, dead cells on the skin, and any oils present. The next step is to rinse them with a cloth or clean towel and hang your mask outside to dry.  

In case your CPAP consists of a humidifier, empty any water that was left inside and fill in water that is distilled and clean in the CPAP humidifier, just before you go to sleep for the ultimate and optimal use. 

In case you’ve recently been sick, it’s wise that you wash your CPAP mask, your CPAP hose filter, and your humidifier to a point that your virus symptoms, flu, or cold are gone. This of course reduces the time you take to spend under weather. This is how to clean heated CPAP hose and other equipment daily. 

Weekly Cleaning 

You should be able to wash your CPAP mask and clean your CPAP hose at least once a week to prevent the entry of dust, germs, and bacteria. How to clean heated CPAP hose is very easy. In warm water, immerse the headgear, nasal mask, and your heated CPAP hose and clean them. 

You should also not forget to add mild detergent of which can be an ammonia-free detergent, just a few drops. Swirl all the items for five or so minutes, ensure that you rinse them well, and hang them to dry. To ensure that the items dry faster you can hang the CPAP hose over a shower rod, in a laundry place, or rather on a clean towel rack to ensure the water drips all out. 

How to Clean Heated CPAP Hose 

When it is down to a situation of CPAP cleaning, your heated CPAP hose should be cleaned after every week to ensure that bacteria and mold don’t find their way in there. You should clean your CPAP hose by immersing it in clean and warm water and add mild detergent just a few drops. 

Then swirl the CPAP hose around for a couple of minutes to ensure that it is sparkling clean. Then rinse the CPAP hose and hang it in a secure place to dry off. You can hang it on a towel or cloth rack to ensure that it is completely dry. 

How to Clean Your Mask 

You should clean your mask weekly as it touches parts of your face. Bacteria and dead cells in the skin can be found on the mask and penetrate through the skin. You should be able to detach the hose from the mask and put all the other parts of the CPAP aside. 

Immerse your mask inside clean and warm water and add soap and swirl the mask around for a couple of minutes. The next step is to rinse all of the parts invaded separately as the headgear might take a while before it is completely dry. Hang your mask to dry off and later attach it to the clean CPAP equipment. 

How to Clean the CPAP Filters 

It entirely depends on the filter types you have. Disposable filters of course have to be replaced from time to time. Reusable filters have to be washed at least once after every week as this will ensure that they continue effectively preventing irritants including dust from entering the CPAP equipment. 

Then you are supposed to rinse the CPAP filters with clean and warm water and squeeze to ensure all the water is out. Ensure that they are dry before reassembling them back with the other CPAP items. Once the CPAP filters discolor, you should make arrangements to have them replaced. 

How to Clean the CPAP Humidifier 

In case your CPAP items comprise a CPA humidifier you should be able to clean it at least once a week. Empty any water that remains and put in vinegar solution and water inside it and allow it to soak for about 40 minutes. Rinse it to dry. Depending on the type of CPAP humidifier you can place it in a dishwasher, to clean, rinse, and finally dry.  

How to Clean Heated CPAP Hose – Conclusion

Cleaning your CPAP equipment, in general, is important. We have shown you How to clean heated CPAP hose together with the other CPAP parts. When cleaning the CPAP machine you need to unplug it first then remove the dust by wiping it with a damp clean cloth. Dry it completely with a dry clean towel and plug it back in.