How Long Does SoClean Take to Clean?

How Long Does SoClean Take to Clean

How long does SoClean take to clean? SoClean completes the CPAP sanitization cycle in 7 minutes, followed by a two-hour rest cycle. The 7-minute gives SoClean’s sanitizing mechanism time admissibility to sanitize and disinfect CPAP machines of fungi, bacteria, and viruses. The 2-hour rest cycle gets the activated oxygen to revert to the original oxygen form.

The SoClean machine operates on three disinfection levels, including high, low, and intermediate levels. High-level disinfection is incredibly heady and can kill all organism types, including hard-to-remove organisms such as HIV viruses and TB bacteria. So how long does SoClean take to clean? Let’s find out.

Benefits of Sanitizing With SoClean

SoClean only takes seven minutes to complete a sanitization and disinfection cycle. Is the time enough to get every component of the CPAP machine sanitized? Absolutely. 

The programming and construction of the machine are engineered to output significant results within the least timeframe possible. Check out these SoClean benefits to know why it’s a substantial investment.

  • Sanitizes and disinfects 99.9% of microorganisms. It gets those harmful bacteria and germs denatured, reducing respiratory diseases.
  • Water and chemicals are a no. SoClean relies solely on activated oxygen to sanitize and disinfect surfaces. No harsh chemicals or water are used for cleaning, meaning no harmful droplets will be left on the surfaces of the CPAP machine, which could encourage the buildup of microorganisms.
  • Convenient and effortless sanitization technology. SoClean excludes CPAP parts disassembly. It connects flawlessly to the CPAP machine and includes pre-set and automated wash cycles. That guarantees efficient and convenient sanitization of CPAP and BIPAP components.
  • Versatile and user-friendly. SoClean models include options that connect to different BIPAP and CPAP models. Since the machine does daily sanitization and disinfection, all it would take to clean off any dirt buildups are semi-regular wipe-downs. The manual button of the SoClean machines ensures efficient everyday maintenance.

How Does the SoClean Machine Achieve the 7-Minute Sanitization Cycle?

SoClean runs on ozone technology to safely sanitize and disinfect CPAP machines within a limited timeframe and in the most efficient way possible. SoClean has a capped design and advanced technology that keeps ozone within the secluded spacing, ensuring it doesn’t spread out to cause harm to users. 

Ozone has long been used in water purification and is currently the main gas used in completing different sanitizing processes in the hotel industry, hospitals, and food handlers.

The machine deploys no chemicals or water to do the sanitizing. Rather, it employs a closed-loop system to quickly clean the whole CPAP machine with no need for parts disassembling. 

Activated oxygen has an efficiency level of 99.9% as it gets to core sections and components of masks, humidification system, and hoses, killing all the microorganisms and minimizing infections.

SoClean runs on ozone generators, proven widely to be valuable decontamination systems in modern communal and institutional settings. According to customer responses, these are efficient and reliable machines capable of getting CPAP machines sanitized and disinfected superbly within minimal effort from the user’s end.

SoClean has built for itself a solid reputation, as almost all clients that have used the sanitizer to sanitize and disinfect their VPAP, CPAP, BPA, and Bi-PAP machines are happy with the results. They are not only praising the machine’s ability to thoroughly clean these breathing machines in a limited time but also the superiority and convenience at which they do so. 

There is no taking off of the machine parts every other morning, meaning once the two machines are set up, your only work will be to wear the mask at night to enjoy a quality night’s sleep. With regular hand cleanups at an interval of two to three weeks, SoClean will operate superbly.

SoClean is versatile and connects to virtually every type of PAP machine without compromising on quality and efficiency. The automation features allow for easy and quick cleaning even when you’re away from home.

Will the 7-Minute Sanitization Cycle Clean Everything?

SoClean machines have the efficiency and capability to kill most pathogens, germs, and bacteria. Getting your SoClean machine pre-set to sanitize your PAP machine every day will minimize the handwashing frequency, but it shouldn’t be an excuse not to clean your PAP machine manually.

SoClean doesn’t clean some dirt and grimes. For instance, this sanitizer and disinfector won’t clean all the oil buildup, dirt residuals, and other bigger dirt particles. These can only be sanitized and cleaned with regular handwashing with soap and water. 

Failing to do the handwashing on regular basis would mean that these build-ups won’t be cleaned and will likely cause the machine to fail.

The CPAP machine’s user manual has guidelines on how and the frequency at which the machine should be cleaned. Follow it keenly to thoroughly clean the PAP machine and avoid instances when the built of grime will trigger failure or underperformance.

How Long Does SoClean Take to Clean – How to Set Up Your SoClean

SoClean has an automated design with a functional power adapter, filter kit, and small hose, all working in unison to get PAP machines disinfected and sanitized. In setting up your SoClean machine, insert the SoClean hose into the CPAP humidifier tank via the same connection point where the normal hose is connected.

Hook up the system and timer. The timer comes with a pre-set 7-minute cycle, but you can customize it to any time setting between five to 10 minutes. Just set the timer such that you can sanitize and disinfect your machine to do the sanitization based on the dirtiness level of the PAP machine.

Now open the SoClean lid and put the PAP mask inside the chamber while connecting it to the hose. Once the mask is properly placed, close the SoClean machine and it will run as per the preset time.

How Long Does SoClean Take to Clean – Conclusion

SoClean stands out in efficiency and is the solution to get PAP machines cleaned faster and more accurately. The SoClean machine comes with a timer that allows you to customize the time you will want the machine to run for it to do a thorough cleaning, depending on how long you’ve stayed without hand washing the CPAP machine. 

You can learn everything about cleaning PAP machines with SoClean to enjoy cleaner and smooth nights’ sleep.