Is Ozone From Soclean Dangerous?

Is Ozone From Soclean Dangerous

Sleep apnea has been giving many individuals sleeplessness due to these diagnosed respiratory complications. This problem has become widespread in the United States thus forcing medical specialists to pop in with an artificial solution, the CPAP machine. However, this article is centered on “is ozone from Soclean dangerous?

Using the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine helps keep one’s breathing going even when in one sleep. To keep this important device effective, make sure it is well cleaned and sanitized to prevent the user from contracting diseases. 

With the different cleaning approaches and devices innovated to play this role perfectly, cleaning your CPAP has been made easier and more effective. Is ozone from Soclean dangerous? Many CPAP owners have been querying about the controversies related to the cleaning of your machine both on the internet and medical forums as well. 

Therefore, we are going to see the sanitizer devices in detail i.e. Soclean and Lumin to know if they are both safe for use.  

Here Are Three Procedures You Can Follow When Cleaning Your CPAP Machine 

  • Using UV-radiator cleaners 
  • Ozone-based sanitizers 
  • Handwashing the equipment.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Cleaning Devices


  1. They are time-saving 
  2. Relatively effective and more efficient compared to other cleaning methods
  3. The cleaner machines are easy to use due to a friendly user interface.


  1.  Its high price is a turn off to most individuals since they can’t afford it 
  2. Safety controversies.

Some people prefer cleaning their CPAP using hand washing material since it is a cost-effective approach. It’s advisable to go for the approved CPAP cleaners to make your work easier and more brilliant.   

Is Ozone From Soclean Dangerous? 

This question has been puzzling all across search engines since the FDA proclaimed that they had received reports from CPAP owners who had used ozone cleaners to sanitize their machines. 

Some patients claimed that they would experience breathing difficulties and coughing after using ozone-based cleaners to clean their CPAP machines. Reviews about the CPAC cleaners were made and fewer people really seemed to be complaining. 

It was affirmed that some patients could be experiencing such symptoms due to exposure to certain medicinal drug content which they may be allergic to. However, the FDA cautioned people to use the cleaners and handle them as recommended by their respective manufacturers to avoid such cases.  

Are Uv-based Cleaners Safe to Use? 

The FDA has not received any reports on health problems concerning UV-based cleaner devices so far. Beyond being used in Water treatment and purification firms, Ultra-violet light has also been used in cleaning of CPAP machines for quite some time now.  

Safety Measures When Using Your Cpap and Cpap Cleaner 

  • CPAP machines play a role in helping individuals with Apnea sleeping disorder and they should therefore not be used under any other circumstances. Do not prescribe this unit to any patient experiencing respiratory difficulties unless advised by a professional doctor or health personnel. 
  • Wait for two hours after cleaning your CPAP to use it again. Make sure you follow the respective manufacturer’s advice and recommendation whenever you’re using the device 
  • You shouldn’t be in the same room with an ozone-based CPAP cleaner. 

Effects of Unacceptable Ozone Levels on Your Health

Being exposed to too much ozone can lead to irritation of your mucous membranes and end up affecting your CNS (Central Nervous System) negatively. Is ozone from soclean dangerous? Yes, it is! Inhaling too much ozone will not only give you heart complications as well as vision problems with time. 

Avoid inhaling ozone to keep yourself off infections like pneumonia Edema. That is why specialists advise you to use your CPAP unit 2 hours after cleaning to minimize your exposure to the abnormal ozone levels.   

How Does Ozone Affect Your CPAP 

Ozone is known to deteriorate silicone seals used to seal and keep the machine intact. Ozone is also well known for its corrosion on the machine’s electronics. In various states, there are strict rules set on the use of Ozone in our households and neighborhoods as well. 

This is why many cleaner device companies have decided to gradually withdraw the production of Ozone-based CPAP cleaners and shifted to UV-radiator cleaners. 

Alternatives to CPAP Ozone Cleaners 

Besides using CPAP ozone cleaners, one can go for a Lumin CPAP as well as mask cleaner to complete the cleaning process in no time. This Ultra-Violet based CPAP cleaner does its job within 5-10 minutes. The Lumin cleaner eliminates 99% of the pathogens in your CPAP machine within the shortest time possible. 

Many CPAP machine owners prefer this machine to CPAP ozone cleaners since it’s faster and more effective than Soclean ozone cleaners. Ozone is considered a harmful gas, and has decreased ozone cleaners’ annual sales drastically. 

Many people have shifted to UV-based cleaners since their first launch a year ago. A vast proportion of CPAP owners have come back with positive reviews to show that they really love the service the device is offering; so far so good. 

The Lumin cleaners are well customized and automated to perform the disinfection task efficiently. When opening the devices’ drawer, the Ultra-violet rays go off to protect the user’s eyes. Using the powerful ultraviolet light technology, you can even disinfect other items in your household using this special and effective machine. 

Make sure all your used items are kept clean by sanitizing them more regularly. Keep your CPAP supplies sparkling clean to avoid keep off any pathogens inside the device.

Is Ozone From Soclean Dangerous?  

Is ozone from Soclean Dangerous? Uncontrolled levels of ozone gas can be harmful to the human body. Stay away from these devices especially when they are working to prevent coming to contact with the gas. However, you can use other approaches to clean your CPAP in case you don’t want to use the Soclean ozone cleaners. 

Neither the ozone CPAP cleaners nor the UV-based Lumin cleaners have been approved to be used as CPAP cleaners yet. These two cleaner categories still remain useful until the approval is done. Make sure your CPAP machine is clean and hygienic to maintain and improve your hygiene levels.