Does Soclean Damage CPAP Machine?

Does Soclean Damage CPAP Machine

Does Soclean damage CPAP Machine? Keeping your CPAP machine clean and disinfected all the time is not an option but a very vital requirement to maintain your machine’s productivity during its role. Having a disinfected CPAP machine is an assurance for peaceful nights and a better health condition for the CPAP owner.

Therefore, specialists are innovating special CPAP cleaners to make the cleaning easier for you. Depending on the  type of cleaner you own, follow the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning procedure to disinfect your CPAP supplies and leave them sparkling clean. 

Does Soclean damage CPAP machine? For quite a while now, the Soclean cleaner device has been many CPAP owners’ favorite sanitizer.  

Naturally, all manufacturers will always do their best to market and advertise their products to the market as much as they can. Take your time when checking its features i.e. product description before making a purchase. 

However, do  not forget to look at the customers’ product reviews by authentic customers. This will help you point out the pros and cons of the products to help you decide on your purchase.

Naturally, users will always come back with reviews to the product manufacturer’s platforms especially if they experience any problems when using the respective CPAP cleaner. Therefore, do your product research keenly before investing in a CPAP cleaner device. 

Soclean is one of the most popular CPAP cleaners across the globe. This device connects directly to the CPAP machine during the cleaning process. When using other cleaners, you have to extract the humid chamber from the machine and keep it with the CPAP mask and tubing in a drawer or bag. 

Therefore, on these other types of Ozone cleaners, no ozone will enter the CPAP machine to cause damage. When using a Soclean device, ozone may enter your CPAC and end up causing damage.  

Soclean Product Reviews  

A number of Soclean users have complained about the cleaner causing damage to their CPAP machines due to the side effects they have been experiencing after using it to clean their CPAP machine. According to the reviews, some Soclean users experienced breathing complications after wearing their CPAP mask at night to catch some sleep. Looking back, they realize that they have been using their one and only Soclean sanitizer.  

During the cleaning process, Soclean users have been noting physical changes in their CPAP unit after using the SDoes Socleanoclean device. After disassembling their CPAP machine for routine cleaning and assessing every part, they realize that the machine’s silicon seals have turned brown from their original clear color. 

Moreover, it seems that Soclean devices damage your CPAP masks since it deteriorates the mask’s nasal pillows. These silicone seals and pillows are important in playing their  role as protector and seal between the machine’s different parts.  

Even after trying to replace some of the CPAP’s parts e.g. mask and the tubing; the same problems came back in no time. Soclean devices happen to damage the silicone seals inside your CPAP machine, making it less efficient since its parts cannot coordinate and work properly.

Therefore, changing your mask or hose won’t be of so much help since this solution won’t serve the long term. Ozone cab causes a lot of damage to your Replacing your CPAP’s parts is a high-price investment that many people can’t afford doing over and over again. Ozone not only damages your unit’s silicon parts but also your humidity and pressure sensor.   

CPAP Cleaners Alternatives 

Maintaining your CPAP’S sanity and ensuring all its parts are working increases your machine’s effectiveness in helping the users achieve peaceful nights and enough sleep. While in use, dust particles, bacteria, fungi, and even molds can accumulate in different parts of your CPAP unit.

Being a breathing support unit, the CPAP should be washed and sanitized for one to breathe clean air every time they use their device. Use your CPAP cleaner devices to achieve the most hygienic surrounding.  

The Virtuclean 2.0

This CPAP cleaning machine is manufactured by VirtuOx. This company has been in the production of diagnostic items for sleeping disorders, insomnia, and other respiratory problems. The Virtuclean is a sanitizing machine that uses Ozone to do its disinfection. 

This unit is easy to carry around due to its small size. This cleaning device takes only 30 minutes to perform its task. This cleaning device is loved by many, once it is automated and doesn’t require maintenance to run its tasks. 

All you have to do is put your CPAP supplies in the virtual, connect the sleeping unit to the main machine, and wait for the disinfection to be successfully done.  

Use this quiet tool to sanitize your CPAP’s tubing, humid chamber, and even your mask. All you need to do is replace the virtual bag after every one year to keep your cleaner working. 

The Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner 

This CPAP cleaning device is so easy to use and very efficient since it takes a very short period of time to get its task done. All you have to do is dismantle the tubing from your CPAP machine then attach it to the disinfectant bag with the CPAP mask and the humid chamber as well. 

Click the standby button to start sanitizing and your equipment will be sparkling clean in no time. Make sure your CPAP machine is sanitized regularly to eliminate any available pathogens that may infect you with other respiratory diseases or complications such as Pneumonia. 

Remember to sanitize your CPAP during the cold season frequently to maintain your hygiene level since disease-causing bacteria and germs are known to be super active during these seasons.  

Does Soclean Damage CPAP Machine? – Conclusion

Therefore, ‘does Soclean damage CPAP machine?’ Yes, the Soclean cleaner comes in along with the ozone as its sanitary gas which is widely considered a harmful gas. Ozone can deteriorate your CPAP’s silicone seals thus making it less effective. 

You can go for other options such as using the Ultra-Violet based cleaners to prevent your CPAP machine from wearing out within a short time. Remember to clean your CPAP supplies regularly to maintain or boost the level of hygiene in your sleeping environment.