Lumin CPAP Cleaner vs Soclean

Lumin CPAP Cleaner vs Soclean

To keep your CPAP clean and germ-free is something all CPAP users should make a habit to increase their machine’s effectiveness and avoid contracting germ-related infections. In this text, we are going to look at the Lumin CPAP cleaner vs Soclean and check out their differences. 

The CPAP devices have become an aid to Sleep apnea patients as well as others suffering from other relative disorders. This device has helped patients across the globe achieve peaceful nights without any breathing difficulties. 

Frequent CPAP users should clean their devices thoroughly and more frequently to maintain a perfect hygiene level. Let’s hope a little deeper to learn how to clean your CPAP device using the Soclean as well as Lumin sanitizer.   

Why Should You Clean Your CPAP Machine? 

The key reason to  cleansing and sanitizing your CPAP is to maintain its hygiene to prevent the user from coming to contact with disease-causing germs that may complicate their respiratory status. 

Therefore, keenly go through the provided guidelines to understand how and why you should keep your CPAP clean. Beyond watching out for your hygiene, here are more reasons for maintaining your machine’s cleanliness: 

  • To increase its effectiveness 

Dead skin cells, dust particles, and pests clogging in your CPAP machine can reduce its effectiveness or even lead to its breakdown. Make sure your machine is regularly checked and cleaned up to increase its productivity.

  • To prevent pneumonia infection 

Medical experts and researchers have made an affirmation that poorly maintained CPAP machines can expose the user to pneumonia contamination easily 

• Prevent growth of bacteria 

Leaving your CPAP masks uncleaned can increase the moisture and pressure levels in your CPAP thus enhancing bacteria growth in the machine.

CPAP Sanitizers 

Apart from going for the cleaning devices, one can choose water and soap, vinegar, or detergents when cleaning your CPAP machine. However, these approaches are not recommendable since they can’t be as effective as using oxygen activated devices as well as UV radiator ones. 

Luckily, the Lumin CPAP cleaner vs Soclean devices has these two features; making them the perfect cleaners for your CPAP machine. 

Difference Between Lumin CPAP Cleaner vs Soclean


This is one effective CPAP machine cleaner that uses Ultraviolet light to eliminate bacteria and viruses from your CPAP within a very short time i.e. five to ten minutes. This cleaner is efficient and time-saving compared to other CPAP cleaning methods.  

Advantages of using Lumin CPAP cleaner 

  • It completely eliminates pathogens from your CPAP machine leaving it sparkling clean and hygienic within a short time 
  • It has a user-friendly user interface that makes it easy to use and maintain 
  •  It is a multipurpose cleaner since it can be used to clean some other items as well
  • Prevents one’s skin from contracting skin infections  
  • This device is easy to use since all you have to do is place the CPAP supplies in your Lumin’s tray then hit the standby button  to start cleaning. Upon completion, you will hear a beep to notify you that the Ultra-Violet light has already played your role and your items are sparkling clean already; just in five minutes! 

Disadvantages of using Lumin CPAP cleaner 

  • This device cleans the exposed parts only 
  • The UV light might damage some CPAP parts  
  • The Lumin CPAP cleaner doesn’t clean the machine’s tubing 
  • Generates a bad smell sometimes.

Soclean CPAP Cleaner 

The Soclean CPAP cleaner helps clean your CPAP machine using Ozone or activated oxygen to get rid of germs and bacteria in your CPAP within a flip of the duck’s tail. Using the Soclean device helps you save time by eliminating the pathogens within a short period and making your CPAP hygienic and safe to use again.  

Why use Soclean CPAP cleaner 

  • This device clears up to 99%of the bacteria present in your CPAP  
  • It’s time-saving since it can only take a maximum of around 30 minutes to complete the process 
  • It is user friendly thus easier to use.

However, Soclean cleaners are known to damage parts of your CPAP machine due to ozone entering the machine and coming into contact with the silicon seals in and around the machine. Therefore, if you can’t tolerate the ozone levels produced by this cleaner, you can go for a UV-based cleaner for a better experience.  

Place your CPAP supplies inside soclean’s cleaning chamber and click the button to start the disinfection. Fortunately, you can clean your CPAP tubing when using a Soclean device. Once the cleaning process is over, the machine will go off automatically within a few minutes. 

Disadvantages of using a Soclean CPAP cleaner 

  • It is relatively expensive compared to other cleaners 
  • It uses ozone as the cleaning gas thus making its use limited since ozone is known to be harmful; both to human beings and the CPAP machine as well 
  • Produces Oduor smell due to the presence of ozone 
  • It is expensive to maintain since some parts need to be replaced after every six months 

However, there has been a rapid rise in controversies about the safety measures of using these CPAP cleaning devices across the sphere. This has been brought about by the reviews and reports about the effects of the Ozone-based CPAP cleaner (Soclean). 

Many Soclean users have reported having experienced breathing difficulties and other respiratory diseases brought about by the Ozone levels produced by the Soclean device. 

Lumin CPAP Cleaner vs Soclean – Conclusion

Therefore, it has been made affirmative that ozone from the Soclean device can be harmful especially if used at unacceptable levels. Looking at the variance between Lumin CPAP cleaner vs Soclean, you will be able to understand the differences between the two, features they share in common, and why you should choose either of the two cleaners. 

Read and understand the article before deciding on which CPAP cleaner you’re going for at the end of the day. Remember to check out their reviews on sales platforms to understand their pros and cons before hopping on to an investment.