How Often Should You Use SoClean Machine?

how often should you use soclean machine

Proper CPAP machine cleaning is an extensive process. Unless you use the SoClean machine, you can take over two hours to get the work done. Using the SoClean machine gets the cleaning job done efficiently and quickly. So, how often should you use SoClean machine to sanitize and cleanse your CPAP clean? Let’s find out.

CPAP machines are extremely delicate. Even the smallest issue could turn into a mountain, if not handled promptly. A good example is when water drops are held inside the hose and mask. As normal as they may look, if not cleaned, those water drops provide room for bacteria and germs to breed, putting CPAP users at risk of serious respiratory infections.

How Often Should You Use SoClean Machine: How the SoClean Machine Works?

The SoClean machine should be placed next to your CPAP machine and connected to the humidifier. With SoClean, you won’t have to detach your water chamber, mask, and hose when cleaning. All it takes is to place the headgear, mask, and every other CPAP component in the unit. Leave the tubing attached to the humidifier and mask.

The SoClean sanitizer ignites automatically based on the scheduled time of the day. It will run the cleaning cycle for 7 minutes. The best thing about these automated CPAP sanitizers is, they don’t use toxic chemicals or water, and you won’t have to disconnect the CPAP machine components. By producing activated oxygen, the machine can cleanse and sanitize the machine components. The activated oxygen is passed via the water chamber, mask, and tubing, cleansing off any virus, bacteria, fungus, and mold attached to any of these components.

Who Is the SoClean Machine Suited for?

SoClean is a more efficient alternative to warm soapy water. With the SoClean machine, you’ll never struggle again to disconnect the CPAP machine components and do manual cleaning every morning. Once the SoClean is connected to the CPAP, the deal will be sealed. It will get the CPAP cleansed and sanitized, ensuring users will never have to worry about bacteria and infection.

It’s the ultimate machine for night sleepers. With its ability to attach to the CPAP machine, you’re always assured your CPAP machine will stay clean and sanitized.

How Often Should You Use SoClean Machine?

The minimal number of times you should clean your CPAP machine is at least twice a week. Recommendations are that the machine should be cleaned once a week but for optimal sanitation, make it twice. 

If you have the SoClean machine, you can clean it daily. Just ensure your CPAP machine is always attached to SoClean. It will automatically turn on as per the predicted schedule. The machine is super-efficient and will intensify the cleaning regularity, minimizing chances of infection and illness.

How Long Does the SoClean Machine Run?

SoClean sanitizer and cleaner should be run for approximately 5 to 10 minutes every day. The machine comes with a preset time of 7 minutes. If you experience oxidation smell, run the machine for about 12 minutes every day for some weeks. When running SoClean with no humidifier, you should only run it for a maximum of 5 minutes every day. 

SoClean lets you customize the cleaning schedule to your specifications and preferences. You can set the timing to your liking. Just make sure the set timeframe will allow the machine to clean efficiently and won’t expose you to the effects of oxidation.

Must I Manually Clean My CPAP If I Have SoClean?

SoClean gives your CPAP thorough cleaning and sanitizing. However, get the machine thoroughly cleaned using warm soapy water. SoClean doesn’t eradicate foreign materials, facial oils, and dust, so unless you wash it, your CPAP would likely experience performance issues. Hand washing the CPAP machine using safe and effective pre-wash solutions every three to five weeks can save you the hassle.

SoClean machine has the power to kill all pathogens, including bacteria and germs, but it won’t denture inert residues such as facial oils. That’s why regular pre-washing is recommended.

Benefits of Using SoClean Sanitizer

The benefits of cleaning your CPAP with SoClean are plentiful. First of all, hand cleaning frequencies will reduce and the efficiency of your CPAP machine will increase.

  • You will never have to use chemicals or water: SoClean possesses magic-using activated oxygen. It’s an ozone sanitizer with bacteria and germs killing an accuracy of over 99%. The ozone technology does the cleaning miracle by itself. Once you get one, the stressful and complex job of having to assemble and disassemble your CPAP every few days will be eradicated.
  • No need to disassemble the CPAP: With SoClean, you won’t have to take your CPAP apart every cleaning session. The machine is designed to do the cleaning machine automatically, thanks to the programmable cleaning settings. All it takes is to get SoClean linked to the CPAP machine and customize the cleaning schedules. The machine will release ozone levels that will be passed to the parts of the CPAP machine requiring sanitization.
  • Kills approximately 99.9% of bacteria and germs: SoClean machine is efficient and reliable. It has germs and bacteria-killing power of 99.9%. Adding the SoClean to your sleep apnea therapy machine will totally save you from potential bacteria and viruses. Interestingly, the machine is automatic, which completely neutralizes the risk potential. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn on the machine.

How Often Should You Use SoClean Machine—Conclusion

With a SoClean sanitizer and cleanser, cleaning your CPAP machine will be streamlined. Issues with bacteria, viruses, and germs will be a forgotten story. The machine will handle everything, including cleaning and sanitizing the machine, ensuring it performs to optimality. If you are wondering how often you should use SoClean machine, don’t worry since the machine is automated and will always do the cleaning every day, as long as you set it to do so. SoClean cannot clean all dirt and grimes. Hand cleaning is recommended every two weeks to ensure those particles are wholly removed and the machine performs superbly.